Facility Rental


** LCCF does not generally rent out the facility to couples outside of our congregation. Sometimes exceptions may be made – call the church office at 780-928-3783 before proceeding with this application **

The Members of the La Crete Christian Fellowship Church and its Church Board, are concerned that those using their facilities will be in harmony with them in the purpose and use for which the church was erected and dedicated, that is, to the service and glory of God. In regards to marriage and weddings, we believe that they should only occur in our church if the marriage is in harmony with Biblical principles and where partners believe in the Biblical institution, purpose, and value of marriage. Therefore, marriage shall occur in our church only when partners are of like faith and have received adequate pre-marriage counseling from a sound pastoral source and the ceremony reflects Christian values and is not in conflict with the purpose of LCCF. Consequently, unless applicants can with a free conscience commit themselves to the use of the church in this manner it is requested they not seek to use these facilities.


  1. Prior to filling out this application form, it is required that you speak with a pastor of LCCF to arrange pre-marital counseling, and to confirm an officiating minister for your wedding. If you are wanting a pastor from another church to officiate, the Senior pastor of LCCF will contact that pastor, to ensure the proposed wedding/marriage lines up with the values mentioned in the above statement from our church board
  2. Once you have a pastor confirmed to officiate, you can call or email the church office to see if the facility is available on your desired wedding date. If not, another suitable date will be agreed upon.
  3. Fill out this application form. The date of your event will be held for fourteen days from the day the church office was contacted. If this application is not completed and returned to the office within that time, you will lose the right to reserve that date.
  4. A damage deposit of $250.00 is required, but will be refunded if the building is left in the condition it was found. This deposit is due when handing in this application form. (Cash or Cheque is accepted)
  5. The full payment of the facility rental is due no later than one week prior to the event. The church secretary will contact you as a reminder to provide payment, if you hadn’t done so already. (Cash or Cheque is accepted) If for some reason the application is not approved ALL moneys will be returned.

Other Events:

Please read through our Church Usage Policy below, and if you feel your event fits our booking criteria, call the church office for more information on how to proceed.

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